Highly Sensitive Person Susse Penny Wright: Registered MBACP Integrative Counsellor
 Highly Sensitive Person SussePenny Wright: Registered MBACP Integrative Counsellor 

NLP Top Tip: Positive or Negative


NLP is not always a magical cure, it has its pros and cons, but it does at times work in a very powerful way to change our thoughts. Here is one top tip.


Positive or Negative


How we think, what we say,  has an impact on what actually happens to us in our life.



1. What is bothering you, bugging you upsetting you now?
Can you form a simple sentence about it and maybe write it down or record  it? 

It could be something like these examples below....


I just can’t seem to get the job I so much want, what am I doing wrong that keeps me failing at any interview I try to succeed in” 

“ I have such a hard time with this person, I try so hard but they just don’t get me, I can’t do this any more” 

“ I will have a go at this but it’s not going to work. I have tried this way before and it’s always failed” 


2. After you have formed your sentence can you look at it and identify the positive or negative dialogue in it? In the first above example I have used ‘can’t, wrong, failing and maybe try’ 
How does this sentence make you feel? 



3. Now think of the opposite word, the positive equivalent, and slip it in to form a positive sentence about your situation. In my example it would be something like this


“ I can get that job I so much want. What I can do is  find out what is successful for me in my interviews and what I can change to make it more successful” 


In the above example, whether I choose to act on my solution in the positive example or not, something has already changed. If you listen to both examples and focus on your different  feelings about both, you may sense something that is important.  The positive example can be quite affirming and empowering, rather that the opposite of oppressive and disempowering, which the negative example reenforced. 

4.Try this, experiment a bit. After a while of practicing this over days, and weeks, it can be easy to slip in to change any negative thinking, just at the moment  you catch yourself thinking those negative thoughts. 

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