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 Highly Sensitive Person SussePenny Wright: Registered MBACP Integrative Counsellor 

Drama Triangle 


As some of you here may be aware of, there is a concept,  in a form or therapy know as Transactional Analysis, called The Drama Triangle. The Drama Triangle is basically a big game sometimes unconsciously carried out in life between people when they find themselves relating to others in emotionally challenging situations. Have you ever experienced this you get into an intense situation with someone else, where its paramount that your own needs, feelings and thoughts are observed. Because of this intense need to be heard or acknowledged there is a vulnerability, either with you or someone you are relating to. The intensity of the situation can drive us into unconscious roles that we can feel inauthentic in, maybe a bit trapped, whilst relating to the other person. In the Drama Triangle the three different roles that we can find ourselves unconsciously playing are one or more than one of the following three victim, perpetrator or rescuer. As HSP's, with our high sensitivity and tendency to quickly get over aroused, it might be that without being aware of this situation we call fall prey to this uncomfortable situation. 

Here is a typical situation
Person 1 (Caring but frustrated friend in this moment playing rescuer to person 2 who does not feel like socialising) "I am concerned about you, you are withdrawing from your friends".
Person 2: "I am sorry I just don't feel like it now, I promise I will try to make more of an effort soon when I am feeling better" ( this person has fallen into victim role, maybe through their subconscious discounting of themselves and their own need for some down time).
Person 1: "well I really do hope so, you are letting yourself down and your friends"  ( person 1 who is feeling angry and frustrated with person 2 for not coming out and spending time with them has now switched into persecutor role, they is now a power dynamic at play).

From this scenario the game could continue with roles switching, more emotional petrol put on the emotional drama, creating more fire for the game, but not a pleasant game. 

Does this ring a bell for any HSP's out there? It might be that you have come to understand by observing these typical scenarios in life,  through your ability for deep processing. Or it might be that you are struggling a lot at the moment with these typical scenarios.
There is a magical TA solution to this drama triangle which I will post in a day or so but in the mean time if anyone feels like commenting on this, either their own experiences or thoughts on this, maybe solutions it would be very welcome.

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