Highly Sensitive Person Susse Penny Wright: Registered MBACP Integrative Counsellor
 Highly Sensitive Person SussePenny Wright: Registered MBACP Integrative Counsellor 

Countryside Emotional Well-being 

Countryside Emotional Well-being Days 


  • Sometimes we know we need a day to sort things out, sometimes referred to those important mental health days where we know we need time out to reflect, nurture and explore our thoughts and feelings. 


  • Sometimes we know we need more than a day to sort things out but have not got the time or focus to commit to longer term counselling but we need some help, we still need to talk things through. 


  • Sometimes we know we need to explore things more deeply and we can commit but want to do this away from the hustle and bustle of life, with a trusted person in a safe calm country setting.

Countryside Emotional Well Being Days offer a beautiful countryside nurturing space for you to enjoy in your own way, comforting hearty healthy food and the support of a warm friendly trained counsellor to talk things through with. This offers a bit of that wish we often desire, when we grow up, a wish to go home to that nurturing place and get things sorted out. 


1. Get Away Day, Talk and Sort The Issue Out 

It’s on your mind, it’s that issue that has suddenly come up, your so worried about it and just need to get away and talk with someone who can help you get to the bottom of things.

It might be a work issue that has got you feeling so fed up or a relationship that is so confusing or a worry that has come up and you can’t put it to rest. This Get Away and Talk day does just this. With the help of a qualified counsellor you can come and talk things through privately and get the support to help you get to the bottom of the issue at hand. This Get Away day offers roughly 4 hours of counselling over the morning and afternoon  with a hearty nourishing lunchtime meal between the morning and afternoon. There is plenty of time to explore a specific issue out. More longer term emotional  issue would not be recommended to be addressed on these Get Away Days but can be worked through in regular ongoing counselling.

Cost (also includes counselling support sessions, lunch and private space) 

4 hours counselling support = £150 per day 

 8 hours counselling support  = £275 over two days




 2. Day Away in the Countryside and a Maybe a Sharing Talk Too

You need a day away, some space in the country, a bit of time to potter and a chance to write, craft and self reflect. An opportunity to share with a trained counsellor, someone else who will listen properly and give you that time, if things come up, may also be good but only if it feels right at the time.


Cost (includes lunch, counselling time to talk and private space): = £65 per day

 3. Regular Ongoing Counselling in the Calm Beautiful Countryside 
Nature is known to be a very helpful facilitator when working through emotional issues.
You have an ongoing emotional issue that you know you need some time to work through with a qualified counsellor who you can trust. You want to be in a familiar, safe, calm peaceful countryside setting, within nature to help you explore your issues. You want to have your session but not have to rush things afterwards. You can come and relax in the lovely countryside farm, have your regular counselling session, have a hearty lunch, potter around in the countryside on the farm and then return home when you are ready. 




Cost (includes lunch, Counselling session and private space): = £75 per day

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